How to make money from Sell your notes

Hello friends, in today’s post I will tell you how you can make money by selling your notes. You have to read our post in full. If you like the post, you have to like and share it.

Sell your notes

You don’t have to think about why you will share your notes with other people. You have to share whatever your notes are with your other students and this is a great way to make money. You can make money for free. You will have to make your answer notes. There are many websites that you will upload and after making your notices you have to write your prize along with whatever you have written. To upload to the website after uploading as much as you seal them.

Below them you have to write the price and students will come and search these notes and buy and download and read them and the more they buy your people the more money you will get.

Here are 2 of the most popular websites  Nexus Notes and Stuvia.  Shadow is two websites on which you can upload and send your notices and all the people who will buy your notices will pay for this website. This website will give you money and thus send your notices to them. You can make a lot of money.

And you can buy high quality Notes from this website for find your school for your university at a reasonable price.

How it works

If you want to sell your notes as much as possible and if you have made your notes in a good way then you have to upload and clean up on this website to give it a nice title which will help the subject. Related You have created a notice, you have to select the name of this subject and you have to post in the degree of leader of the same subject so that you will be more.

When you upload your light on this website, first of all the employees of this website, the team of this website will check your notice that there is no problem in your notice. Then as soon as your notes are done and then they will also start.

If you want your notes to sell as much as possible, you have to keep a reasonable price for them and you can make your computer notes true to how much they are worth. If you wait on the notice, you can send more of your notices and earn more money.

To maximise sales. We can’t sell your notes if they are rotting on your hard drive. Your notes are available for purchase the instant they are approved, which means that you could be missing potential sales as we speak. Despite exam and holiday breaks, our users purchase notes all year round, so the best time to upload notes is always today.

If you also want to sell your notes and make money from them, go to the Nexusnotes, create your account on it, create an account, make your notes, keep them together, and they will start with you….


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