Start your own website and make money

Hello friends, in this post I will tell you how you can earn millions of dollar very easily by creating your own website. In this post I will explain to you the whole way what a website is, how you can build a website for absolutely free, how you can bring traffic to the website and how you can make the most money from the website. You have to read this post in full if you like share this post

Start your own website

If you want to make millions of dollars easily by sitting down and making money, then you need a website. If you want to make a website, then you can make money while you sleep.  If you want to create your own website, first you need to buy your website domain and hosting for your website. These two things can make your website and then you can make money from it

Domain name

To build your website, you must first purchase a website name called Domain. If you want to buy a domain at a cheap and very low price, you will get  Namecheap™ Domains at Low Cost – Buy Your Domain at Low. You can buy a domain from any website and start your own website related to whatever name you want to have for your website.


Friends, if you want to start your website and make money from it, you need one or two minutes and another hosting. The job of an assistant is to make sure that your website is safe in it and as much as possible. Your website has data that is in your housing just like you want to build a house you need a place for it just like if you want to build a website you need it Will need a posting if you want to buy half hosting at absolutely price then you will find posting on new mujib absolutely and also get good hosting which you can buy very easily. NameCheap hosting.

Then you will install on your website at hosting which is a WordPress. It is a CMS dashboard on which you can build your website very easily as well as your website. Will make on WordPress then you have to see some posts in this website about 30 then you can run your website you can make money from it.

Monetise your site

Then friends, you will monetize your website with Google AdSense. After writing thirty articles on your website, you will apply your website to Google AdSense. Then I will monetize your website by checking Google AdSense. Google AdSense will start showing your ads on your website then if you want to make more money you have to share your website on social media as much as you will share on your website social media The more visits you make to your site, the more you can make money from it.

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